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It's time to ring in the New Year!
Ring in 2014 with some our our "cocktail cupcakes!"  White Russian, Nuts and Berries, Strawberry Champagne, Frangelico Expresso Bean... and many more!  

Cupcake of the Week
Each week we feature one of our delicious cupcakes!   See below for this week's feature:

Hot Chocolate Peppermint

Also on this week's cupcake menu:

Wedding Cake
Vanilla Doubled
Chocolate Peppermint Crunch
Cranberry Eggnog
Chocolate Doubled
Chocolate Vanilla
Red Velvet
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
White Chocolate Raspberry
Mint Chocolate Chip
Strawberry Cream
Chocolate Hazelnut
Strawberry Chocolate
Death by Chocolate
Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Coconut Pecan
Cake Batter
Carrot Cake
Almond Joy

We are mobile!
Meet "Belle" our mobile cupcake trailer!  Check our FB page or follow us on Twitter(@traditionssweet) to find out where she will be next!  Contact us to book "Belle" for your next event or party!